Calcium with Vitamin D3, 600mg / 40IU, 90 Softgels, Webber Naturals




There’s a new way to get your daily calcium and vitamin D3 from webber naturals. A liquid-filled softgel delivery system makes it easy to get meaningful doses of calcium and vitamin D together (600 mg calcium/400 IU vitamin D3 per softgel), important nutrients for life-long bone health.

  • Liquid in a quick-dissolve softgel is ready for the body to absorb
  • Meaningful amounts of calcium carbonate and vitamin D; only 1 or 2 softgels needed per day
  • Small, once or twice daily softgel appeals to everyone whether regular vitamin users or not

Advanced Info

Worried about osteoporosis, yet having a hard time swallowing those big calcium pills? Calcium with Vitamin D3, Liquid Softgels from webber naturals make it easy to get meaningful amounts of these two important nutrients. Calcium and vitamin D3 work in tandem to keep our bones strong. Studies show that low calcium intake is associated with low bone mass and increased fractures. Vitamin D stimulates the body’s absorption of calcium. Vitamin D supplementation alone, and in combination with calcium, has been shown to prevent osteoporosis and hip fracture risk.

However, many find it difficult to get enough calcium in their diet or to take large calcium pills, putting themselves at risk for deficiency. This formula comes in a liquid softgel – a superior delivery system for these important nutrients. Meaningful amounts of calcium and vitamin D3 (600 mg calcium/400 IU vitamin D3 per softgel) are delivered in liquid state and ready for the body to absorb. This easy-to-swallow, rapid dissolve softgel is a convenient way to help maintain healthy calcium and vitamin D levels for strong bones throughout life.

Supplement Facts

Each softgel contains:

Calcium (Carbonate)600 mg
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)10 mcg (400 IU)

Suggested Usage

  • 1 softgel in morning, 1 softgel in evening with meal.

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